5 New Year Resolutions for Personal Loan Borrowers-2018

5 New Year Resolutions For Personal Loan Borrowers-2018

5 New Year Resolutions for Personal Loan Borrowers-2018

5 New Year Resolutions for Personal Loan Borrowers-2018

5 New Year Resolutions for Personal Loan Borrowers

New Year 2018 is around the corner, it’s time to make new changes in every aspect of your life such as eating fewer calories, start a workout practice, pick up a hobby, or learn something new every day. Sky is the limit if you think of taking resolutions to make a better you in the coming new year.

Have you ever thought of taking a resolution that can smoothen your finances, help you save more, improve your purchase skills and make you a debt-free person in the new year?Instant Personal Loan

One answer to all these questions is Personal Loan. A personal loan is capable of bringing remarkable changes in this new year for you.

It doesn’t matter whether you plan to take a personal loan for your marriage that approaches in the 1st half of 2018, or you need it for buying a new bike or even for the renovation of your home. What matters is how you manage the loan.

A personal loan carries certain responsibilities on your part. Therefore, as the year 2018 commences, here are some of the resolutions you must take to get your finances balanced.


Know your Budget


This is the first and very important step towards Applying for a Personal Loan. As it is not possible to raise our salary at our own will, we need to maintain a discipline over our finances. Before you apply for a personal loan, take a total of your income saved till now. This figure is going to decide how much money you want to borrow. While calculating, make sure you include your electricity and phone bills, housekeeping payment, and every small fee that can’t be neglected or delated at any cost.


Calculate your EMI


As you are going to pay back for the Personal Loan in EMIs, calculate it using Qbera Personal loan EMI Calculator which provides the accurate result in no time. It is important to know your EMI because it is the exact figure you are going to pay every month. The shorter loan tenure you go for, the higher EMI you will pay per month.


Borrow Precisely


Borrowing money can be an addictive task when banks and NBFCs are making it so easy to get access to instant funds at lower interest rates and without collaterals. But it should be well remembered that you should borrow only as much as you need. No need to get lured by the higher limits of loan amounts. If you know your capacity to repay the loan you are smart enough to borrow the precise amount. Because the more you borrow the longer will be your loan tenure and few defaults in payment may open gates for another debt.


Pay on Time


It is a good habit to make timely payments for your personal loan. Why? Because it directly impacts your credit report and can earn you a good score to be quickly eligible for other loans in future. A smooth move indeed! You don’t want to get rejected because of your bad credit, do you? Sometimes you can avail pre-approved loans if you maintain that credit score which is directly proportional to timely payments.


Consolidate Old Debts


As the new year approaches, one of your resolutions can be kicking off the previously existing debts. You can use this personal loan to consolidate your previously existing loans you are still paying for.  A debt consolidation loan clubs all your previous payments and offer a new interest rate (which should be lower compared to any of your previous interest rates) and get rid of all the debts at once. Do a good research over the net and get the best lender that offers lowest interest rate on personal loans.

Qbera offers the fastest debt consolidation loans to salaried individuals in the age group of 23-57 with salaries as low as Rs. 20,000 at attractive interest rates and charges a processing fee which is almost negligible.



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